Water Service Providers

DISCLAIMER: Any information provided below is for easing transition to emergency housing and reduction of "fire-brain" dis-ease. I do not endorse any providers, nor is any information provided complete. Business/qualification status is subject to change. Do your research on any service or person you are considering to find what works for your unique situation.

Below you will find information for fresh water delivery and water fill stations. For information about setting up water (CLICK HERE).

Water Delivery Service (Licensed by the State)

Company Phone
Tough Company Fire Inc. (530) 774-2384
Craig Dewsnup Trucking (530) 846-3116
Butte Water Tank Service (530) 589-0645
L & L Farms (530) 882-4343

Water Fill Stations

It is preferred to use 5 gallon jugs with an air gap for ease of filling. Free with proof of residency.

Company City Hours Address
Fire Station #55 in Bangor Bangor 7540 Oro-Bangor Hwy
Miners Ranch Water Treatment Plant Oroville 234 Kelly Ridge Road
South Feather Water & Power (SFWPA) Oroville 7:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday 2310 Oro Quincy Hwy
Paradise Irrigation Distriction Paradise 10 am – 2 pm Monday thru Friday 6332 Clark Road

*All lists were assembled and confirmed to be operating via direct communication in January 2019. Business situations can and will change. You can contact me here regarding suggested changes.

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