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  • 5/17/20: Graphics you may have never seen before on how virus is spreading, warm weather impact on virus spread, important info on keeping clean and safe as well as my personal reflections on an epic disaster. (LINK HERE)
  • 4/26/20: Links to follow trending data and as well as how to offer support to our front line workers. (LINK HERE)
  • 4/19/20: Great news links, inspiring stories and something funny. (LINK HERE)
  • 4/12/20: Easter Sunday concert from Milan and other inspiration for you day specific to COVID-19. (LINK HERE)
  • 4/6/20: Financial options for individuals and business advice to adapt your business to the evolving landscape. (LINK HERE)


I created this page because I am one of those people at risk due to impaired breathing. I hope what I learned so far helps you. This is a living document and will change as the situation evolves. Your suggestions are welcome by contacting here or commenting.

What you will find below:

  • National news
  • Butte County, California news
  • Outbreak status
  • Mega-dosing on vitamins will help (dose suggestions)
  • Useful links for your health and entertainment.
  • First hand account of the illness and recovery by a senior citizen who is diabetic that I found reassuring.
  • How to adapt financially

National news

  • The New York Times (LINK) – I recommend subscribing to their daily briefing digest on COVID
  • Washington Post (LINK)
  • The Atlantic (LINK)
  • Voice of America (LINK)
  • How to fight corona virus misinformation (LINK) Anxiety is viral. Be patient, kind, deliberate, and fact-based. More people will listen and be helpful.
  • If you need to drive across state lines, be aware that some states have CLOSED their borders. (LINK)

Butte County, California news

  • State of California Advisory Website (LINK) I definitely recommend a visit.
  • ActionNews regional TV news (LINK)
  • Enterprise Record local paper (LINK)
  • Butte County public health department (LINK)
  • If you lost your home in a fire storm, your insurer must now give you an extra 6 months of time to collect replacement cost and temporary rent benefits, because COVID-19 work shut downs and slow downs are circumstances beyond your control. And, no deadlines can be used to cut off your rights until 90 days after the state of emergency has been lifted. Construction professionals are officially considered “essential” and can continue working.
  • Free or discounted lodging to medical personnel working with COVID patients. Hotels interested in participating can contact Priority areas are hotels located in counties with high population density or have high numbers of COVID-19 positive test results, including: Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Diego and Fresno. (LINK)
  • $100 Million Released to Support Child Care Services for Essential Workers and Vulnerable Populations (LINK)

Outbreak status

  • Center for Disease Control (LINK)
  • Outbreak statistics (LINK) (LINK)

Mega-dosing on vitamins will help (dose suggestions)

I am mega-dosing on vitamins. I did this because I am medically sensitive with impaired breathing and need surgery which I can’t do now. It is very interesting to note that within 4 days of mega-dosing, my lung infection from the past 3 months went away.

UPDATE: Week 2… Lungs still very clear but getting a slight stomach irritation. Iron and zinc can be particularly upsetting to the stomach so I take those less frequently and it helped. Take vitamins with food. (LINK)

UPDATE: Week 3… Avoid ibuprofin during the virus outbreak! It will worsen symptoms (ie Advil) Here’s why (LINK) Also I highly recommend a nasal rinse. Even if you think you are clear, you’d be surprised how good it can make your breathing feel!

These are my doses in addition to a multi-vitamin. (LINK1) (LINK2)

  • Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams in divided doses
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily
  • Magnesium: 400 milligrams daily
  • Zinc: 20 milligrams daily
  • Selenium: 100 micrograms daily

Useful links for your health and entertainment

  • Here’s a documentary on what happened at ground zero during the first month in China (LINK) And now some areas resuming normal life again (LINK)
  • You really want to watch this on disinfecting surfaces from China (LINK) Take a look at the efficacy of these cleaning agents provided by the EPA. Please note wet surface time required varies. (LINK) Note efficacy of bleach isn’t that great.
    (LINK) Favored disinfectants on this list are hydrogen peroxide and quaternary ammonium.
  • This is super helpful for home health treatment (LINK)
  • Breathing exercises will help you stay strong (LINK) (LINK)
  • News articles on masks. Caring for them, making them and more. (LINK) (LINK)
  • What does social distancing mean? Here’s many different contexts to consider. (LINK)
  • Sewer sanity. Don’t break it please! Destroying our sewers right now is a public health hazard. Wipes even if declared flush-able create problems. Things that CAN be flushed down the toilet: toilet paper, things that came out of your body, and hopes and dreams. Things that CAN’T be flushed: wipes of ANY kind (yes, even ‘flushable’ ones. They don’t actually break up like TP), paper towels, feminine products, and baby crocodiles.
  • What people will do for toilet paper (LINK)
  • If you get the virus and recover, please consider donating blood (LINK)
  • Coming changes are going to be huge. Here’s some tips from Oprah to strengthen your mind (LINK)
  • Here is the list of essential critical infrastructure workers published by California on May 22nd (LINK)
  • Emergency room doctors are using this as a reference on treatment, rate of spread, etc (LINK)
  • If you want to get nerdy on the epidemiology, pathophysiology and diagnostics (LINK)

This time off is a once in a lifetime opportunity to skill share and do things that you normally wouldn’t do for yourself or others. Try the SkillShare Network (A portion of profits is going to provide food for kids thru No Kid Hungry, a huge well-run national program.)

First hand account of the illness and recovery by a senior citizen who is diabetic that I found reassuring.

This fellow was helpful is calmly explaining his experience contracting the disease and healing from it. If this virus situation is giving you anxiety, I promise this video will help you feel a little better.

Some of his tips include temperature monitoring and knowing where the thermometer is designed to be used since calibrations are different. If your temperature goes above 37.5C or 99.5F, with a cough CALL your doctor for assessment. The disabling shortage of breath was unforeseen. He was unable to walk off the cruise ship. Eventually his oxygen level dropped to 93. He was offered a respirator, but his personal experience told him if he did, he would never get off it. He had breath work training and used it. Next day his oxygen level was 99. (See links below on lung strengthening.) In fighting the virus he said aside from exercise, you will need to stay super hydrated and mega-dose on vitamins. They believe based on their experience that 2 weeks quarantine is too short. They’ve been contagious for almost 4 weeks since acquiring the virus.

If you think you acquired a virus CALL your health care provider so they can help you safely and minimize exposing others. (fever, cough and shortness of breath)

How to adapt financially

  • Financial options for individuals and business advice to adapt your business to the evolving landscape. I wanted to spend some time on this. Here’s what I published.
  • FDIC: Advice to consumers (LINK) If you do a loan modification, ask your bank to send you a letter stating they did this. It’s likely there will be reporting mistakes to the credit bureau and this will save alot of time and hassle correcting that when it happens. Advice to banks (LINK) Its helpful to know what banks are being told in handling your account(s)
  • Lessons from preppers (LINK) This site teaches real skills to thrive within the community. Tell me if you find a better site.
  • Square foot gardening (LINK) This is best for people with limited space or underground rodents. This video is AWESOME! (LINK)

Bottom line is… Be careful and do your best to stay healthy physically and emotionally. Most people who get infected will survive and be fine. Some won’t. The more people that adopt safe practices, the better immuno-compromised people like myself can survive this.

Please think about sharing this link with people close to you.

Thanks for reading!
~ Kimberly

If you have any suggestions to add please contact me or comment below. (I want to offer hope and good cheer to everyone I know to offer comfort for us all.)

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      I can’t find the page on pricing, but the structure seems like spending time there will be worth it.

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