COVID-19 Tips

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I created this page because I am one of those people at risk due to impaired breathing. I hope what I learned so far helps you. This is a living document and will change as the situation evolves. Your suggestions are welcome by contacting here or commenting.

What you will find below:

  • National news
  • Butte County, California news
  • Outbreak status
  • Mega-dosing on vitamins will help (dose suggestions)

National news

  • The New York Times (LINK) – I recommend subscribing to their daily briefing digest on COVID
  • Washington Post (LINK)
  • The Atlantic (LINK)
  • Voice of America (LINK)
  • How to fight corona virus misinformation (LINK) Anxiety is viral. Be patient, kind, deliberate, and fact-based. More people will listen and be helpful.
  • If you need to drive across state lines, be aware that Canada closed it’s border and some states have too. (LINK)

Butte County, California news

  • State of California Advisory Website (LINK) I definitely recommend a visit.
  • ActionNews regional TV news (LINK)
  • Enterprise Record local paper (LINK)
  • Butte County public health department (LINK)

Outbreak status

  • Center for Disease Control (LINK)
  • Outbreak statistics (LINK) (LINK)

Mega-dosing on vitamins will help (dose suggestions)

I am mega-dosing on vitamins. I did this because I am medically sensitive with impaired breathing and need surgery which I can’t do now. It is very interesting to note that within 4 days of mega-dosing, my lung infection from the past 3 months went away.

UPDATE: Week 2… Lungs still very clear but getting a slight stomach irritation. Iron and zinc can be particularly upsetting to the stomach so I take those less frequently and it helped. Take vitamins with food. (LINK)

UPDATE: Week 3… Avoid ibuprofin during the virus outbreak! It will worsen symptoms (ie Advil) Here’s why (LINK) Also I highly recommend a nasal rinse. Even if you think you are clear, you’d be surprised how good it can make your breathing feel!

These are my doses in addition to a multi-vitamin. (LINK1) (LINK2)

  • Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams in divided doses
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily
  • Magnesium: 400 milligrams daily
  • Zinc: 20 milligrams daily
  • Selenium: 100 micrograms daily

If you have any suggestions to add please contact me or comment below. (I want to offer hope and good cheer to everyone I know to offer comfort for us all.)

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