An intro to SLO Climate Coalition, a growing force for positive change

Here’s a challenge to all cities from Heidi about carbon neutrality:

A few words about the IPCC report of 2018

This is a presentation that Heidi gave at the SLO Climate Coalition this past July. 

Please visit our blossoming website and I hope you will accept our invitation to participate in upcoming projects.  Our budget for events is modest at the moment, but that may change in a few months.

If you need a hospitality host during one of our events, please reach out to the person who invited you.  We are here to facilitate connections and build community during this amazing journey!

“Our well being and the world being well are linked. We must have the courage to come together.” ~ Heidi Harmon, July 2019

Here’s the roots of where my desire began to create a design/build challenge. I had to put it on hold due to the firestorms of 2018 and 2019.  Perhaps the time is quickly approaching in 2020 to get it done!

Emergency housing guidance