Septic Service Providers

DISCLAIMER: Any information provided below is for easing transition to emergency housing and reduction of "fire-brain" dis-ease. I do not endorse any providers, nor is any information provided complete. Business/qualification status is subject to change. Do your research on any service or person you are considering to find what works for your unique situation.

Below is information on suppliers for public dump stations and on-site pump and dump trucks. If you don’t have onsite disposal thru a septic system or public sewer, you will need the information on this page. For general information about setting up sanitation systems (CLICK HERE).

Public Dump Stations

Company Address City Fee Hours Phone
Willow Creek Campground 17548 Highway 49 Camptonville $30.00 Call ahead (530) 288-0646
Almond Tree RV Park 3124 Esplanade Chico $10.00 9-5 Mon-Sat (530) 899-1271
Heritage RV Park 975 Hwy 99 W Corning $10.00 8:30am-5:30pm (530) 824-6130
Love’s Travel Stop 2120 South Ave Corning $10.00 24 hours (530) 824-8767
RV Park At Rolling Hills 2645 Everett Freeman Way Corning When available (530) 528-3586
Hidden Harbor Marina & RV Park 24680 Hidden Harbor Dr Los Molinos $10.00 9am-9pm (530) 384-1800
Collins Lake Recreation 7530 Collins Lake Rd Oregon House $10.00 7am-5pm (530) 692-1600
Pilot Travel Center 4444 Commerce Ln Orland $10.00 24 hours (530) 865-0108
The Parkway RV Resort 6330 Co Rd 200 Orland $10.00 Call ahead (530) 865-9188
Berry Creek Rancheria RV Park 3900 Olive Hwy Oroville $10.00 24 hours,Office in gas station (866) 991-5061
Coyote – Lake Oroville SRA 400 Glen Dr Oroville $8.00 Dawn to Dusk (530) 538-2200
Lime Saddle – Lake Oroville SRA 400 Glen Dr Oroville $8.00 Dawn to Dusk (530) 538-2200
Loafer Creek – Lake Oroville SRA Loafer Creek Rd Oroville $8.00 Dawn to Dusk (530) 538-2217
River One RV Park 751 Oro Dam Blvd W Oroville $10.00 6am-10pm (530) 533-8679
River Reflections RV Resort 4360 Pacific Heights Rd Oroville $10.00 9am-6pm (530) 533-1995
Durango RV Resorts 100 Lake Ave Red Bluff $15.00 8am-7pm (530) 527-5300

On-Site Pump and Dump Trucks

Company City Service Area Phone
Johnny on the Spot Inc. Chico From Red Bluff to Marysville to Paradise, Chico, Oroville (530) 343-6340
Ben’s Toilet Rentals Inc Gridley Up to Pulga, Berry Creek, Migalia, Forest Ranch (530) 846-4110
Gridley Septic Tank Service Gridley Gridley, Live Oak, Oroville and Biggs (530) 846-2022
A-Co Sanitation Oroville Oroville, Paradise, Chico and semi-remote locations (530) 370-8444
Alpine Portable Toilet Services Oroville Greater Oroville area in about 20 mile radius (530) 403-6599
Jerry Hegenbart Septic Tank Paradise Chico, Durham, Paradise, Migalia. Not Concow. Prefers a minimum of 2 or 3 RVs due to truck size. (530) 877-8261
Paradise Sanitation Paradise Chico, Oroville, Durham, Paradise, Migalia (530) 877-3207

*All lists were assembled and confirmed to be operating via direct communication in January 2019. Business situations can and will change. You can contact me here regarding suggested changes.

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