Finding an RV Host or Offering Space

This page covers “Where do I Find or Offer Rentals?” and “What is a Fair Rental Price for an RV?”

Where Do I Find or Offer Rentals?

You are encouraged to verify and research all housing opportunities before making commitments to individual homeowners/landlords or renters.

For finding or offering RV spaces, please check these websites (Suggestions on other sites welcome.)

  • CampFire Housing: This HOA group has been doing amazing work too. Definitely check them out. They have very few local listings, but you can be assured anyone looking here is likely to be a local that is displaced. The HOA knows TurtleShells exists. We will do our best to collaborate to help you. (Click here)
  • Paradise Adopt a Family: These FB admins have been doing amazing work in connecting community! (Click here)
  • Craigslist:.
    • This link will give you a daily list of posts:(Click here) (Sorry I don’t know how to screen out the vultures. Don’t rush into selling your lot please. There’s also some unusual issues on liability to know about selling an uncleared lot.)
    • This link might help you fly over the vultures and avoid stuff that isn’t the real deal. (Click here)
  • AirBnB: Hosts have been offering discounted or free lodging. This could be a good resource. (Click here)

What is a Fair Rental Price for an RV?

I’ve given some reflection on what are fair rental prices and I hope that with some reasoned guidance, we can avoid what may be perceived as PRICE GOUGING. To report price gouging or suspected scams (CLICK HERE) for details and reporting.

First, such a rental arrangement is very much considered substandard housing. As such charging more than what is approved for a studio apartment under a local Section 8 housing program, is gouging. In Butte County that amount is $735. It seems reasonable that half that amount would be for the land and half that amount would be for RV.

So for example, if you have land to offer, but not an RV, the rent would be $368. Utilities would be additional, if full hookups are provided. There is an extremely notable exception to that rule of thumb on utilities being extra: If a contracted service truck is required to dump tanks or bring potable water, it would result in a significant decrease in the value of the land rent.

In the event that a service truck needs to be contracted, that will cost $60-80 per trip. If you have no where else to shower, that cost could easily be $150 a month to an extreme case of water delivery and tank dump on a weekly basis at $1,200 a month. In such a situation, splitting utilities might seem fair at best.

We Have a Match! What are Next Steps?

Congratulations! Please visit this next page for how to create hosting agreements.

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