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DISCLAIMER: Any information provided below is for easing transition to emergency housing and reduction of "fire-brain" dis-ease. I do not endorse any providers, nor is any information provided complete. Business/qualification status is subject to change. Do your research on any service or person you are considering to find what works for your unique situation.

Below is information on suppliers for RV maintenance. Be sure to read about related topics on selecting an RV, optimizing comfort, RV hosting, and other general information by CLICKING HERE.

Having a trailer is cheaper, but people never think about the lack of rapid repair services after a disaster. Being able to drive anywhere for repair services can be a really big deal, depending on the repair type needed.

Please note, none of these service providers have been screened on their skills, insurance or general reputation. When there are suggested changes to this list, such as new service providers, please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

Business Name Phone Mobile Svs? Base Additional Notes
All EZ Mobile RV Service (530) 743-5164 Yes Marysville Norman
All Seasons RV Center (530) 316-5194 No Yuba City
American RV (530) 894-7755 ? Chico
Browns Valley Auto Truck RV (530)742-2595 Yes Browns Valley (Yuba City) Blane
Daddy’s Boat & RV (530) 200-1999 Yes Paradise Adam
ET Quality RV Parts & Service (530) 755-4036 ? Yuba City
Jeff’s Truck Service (530) 895-8070 Yes Chico
Mike Friend RVs (530) 343-0245 No Chico
Now It Worx Handymen (530) 764-0519 Yes Oroville Services RVs but not primary business
Ron’s RV Service (530) 345-3007 Yes Yes Chico

*All lists were assembled and confirmed to be operating via direct communication in January 2019 and re-evaluated again on May 4, 2020.  Business situations can and will change. You can contact me here regarding suggested changes.

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One thought on “RV Service Providers”

  1. DO NOT VISIT — >>> Chico RV and Truck! (Pass it on)

    I was quoted $90-120 for an oil change. They charged me $140! ($50 more the lower end of their quote.)

    To make matters worse they promised to check some items listed on the back of their work order. It was ill-conceived… Unlike a typical work order during an oil change to check fluids, tires and lights they had some stupid stuff on their list which I can’t recall at the moment, but definitely didn’t include fluids… a standard with a service like this I thought.

    I asked if he ran thru that stupid list and he said yes. I said really?? Ok, lights is on the list. I’ll bet if you went out and checked it right now, you’d find a light out. And he did. So they don’t check anything and obviously can’t trusted.

    What is worse is just because I drained my battery accidentally before arrival, the service desk rep said I needed a new battery. That is BS… It is a brand new battery and it was only an opinion. Not based on fact of his own testing. And he said my RV roof needed servicing. I asked why, he said because it needs to be done periodically. I said well that’s interesting. It doesn’t need to be done because I just did it. Did you check and see something? He got flustered.

    I can’t even imagine the other crap they pull on customers to gouge them. They have no talent and no ethics. Save your self the time and find any other mechanic.

    Worse service experience ever.

    If you have a good experience with an RV mechanic, please let us know. Thanks!

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