By hosting an RV, home owners can be NEXT responders in economic recovery.       There are now emergency housing ordinances which allows homeowners to do this legally for a couple years.

This website offers details on the following:

During the past year 14% of the housing stock has been destroyed in Butte County, which took almost decade to build. Due to dramatically increased housing costs, the economic impact of this to all businesses and workers will continue to be deeply felt for years, especially renters.

Every RV hosted, no matter whether they are a survivor, secondarily displaced or a contractor, represents the life of an individual or family that might have left the region due to lack of availability or never came to be part of the recovery.

By welcoming someone into your household, you can meet new people, new friends, and they may even become family. In extra-ordinary circumstances like this, that is the gift of this experience; to know who your friends really are and to deepen your bonds in the community.

TurtleShells.org is my gift to Butte County’s recovery. It will inform you on which emergency housing policy applies to your situation and how to do this with tips and service provider info.

As we figure out the next steps in the recovery journey, it would be AMAZING if any person or organization that has long term housing options for rent or sale could tell TurtleShells.org about it.  (Contact thru website.)  I want to support anyone locally taking leadership for this important work.

It is really important that we give housing priority to those living in RVs, so we can successfully transition them out, so let’s figure out how to do this!  I will gladly support anyone locally taking leadership on this!

We can be a role model for other communities.   #ButteStrong isn’t just a trendy hashtag, it’s a new way of life.  Right?! =)

Anyone helping the economy be stronger is a hero for everyone that needs a home in Butte County by protecting the businesses, the vitality of the workforce and affordability for all.

Thank you for considering hosting an RV outside the burn zone.

Each soul trying to help is

Emergency housing guidance