Newsletter Opportunity

Welcome to TurtleShells,

At this time I am only offering private direct mail, if you are perceived as a known and trusted community resource.

I have decided NOT to do sponsored editorial at this time because my energy is needed elsewhere currently.  There could be an opportunity in May however, if you want to put your name on the wait list.

The minimum quantity is 500, in increments of 500.  1,000 is recommended to start and can go as high as 10,000.  The list can be segmented by owner occupancy, area, building type and valuation range, which could be helpful, depending on your offering.

The list count is as follows:

2018 Disaster Residential Commercial Other Minor Total
Woolsey Fire            1,450                108                  419      1,977
Thomas Flood               440                  23                    98         561
Carr Fire            1,274                  28                  591      1,893
Camp Fire          14,459                643              4,429    19,531

* Actual list count will be lower due to accessory and primary structures being counted rather than individual parcels.  Duplicate owners are removed from the final list.

Even if you have plenty of business already, keep in mind that you are offering valuable information to help survivor recovery and builds goodwill for all. That was the case for some of my prior clients and they would be happy to tell you that this was their personal experience.

Below is the recommended format.  for the sponsored mailings you have a choice of panel 2 or 3, or both.  For private mailings you can chose any format you want.    Online traffic will be tracked thru TurtleShells and sent to any desired web destination.

If you can't participate in this current mailing. It may be offered on a monthly basis from this point forward.
Type of mailing desired
The minimum quantity is 500, in increments of 500.  1,000 is recommended to start and can go as high as 10,000.
Which disaster zone(s)?
(200 words or 1000 character will probably be your max for an article. Graphics driven communication is good too. Space is 3.25 x 8.25.)
I can send you a sample brochure about the project, which includes several references.
Please tell me what time you would prefer to discuss this opportunity.

If you don’t have the The Media Guidelines, Rate Card or Advertising Terms and Conditions, it is available upon request. 

Thank you for your interest in this project!

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