Love Notes

Can you help me gather at least 50 LETTERS OF SUPPORT for this website?  CLICK HERE to send your support letter.

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I am reaching out to very special people capable of supporting my work on a scale that most of you cannot. A copy of your letter can be given to me in person, via email or thru the website.  I keep letters private to respect the time of those helping, but they are available for major potential supporters.

This is ORIGINAL WORK.  Local leaders in Butte County and elsewhere know this because they have seen the work I put into building relationships and stumbling through our messy democratic process for years now.

I knew there would lack of comprehensive guidance for emergency housing for a variety of reasons.  Your losses were too big and my expertise too valuable to look the other way.  That is WHY I put my life on hold and gave EVERY moment I had to give during the past 3 months to you,  …and my thousands of hours of hard earned disaster experience.

I am a disaster survivor who wishes to turn a situation that almost killed me into a gift for thousands of people. Doing this work while I haven’t even replaced my own home may seem unusual, but if you knew my story, it is easy to understand why.

If you feel inspired to be a part of this journey, please write a brief letter of support.  With your help. I can create a model for resiliency for other disaster survivors like you and I, so that we can make the journey home AGAIN better for so many people. Or even prevent such loss from occurring.

While micro-donations are really wonderful because any small gesture is IMMENSELY appreciated and lifts this over-burdened heart, I need people capable of some heavy financial lifting.  These same special people I am reaching out to for assistance are ALSO very capable of teaching critical skills needed to make this dream as successful as possible for us all.

There is more to my work than you see…. but I hope this website is enough to prove my commitment and compassion for

This work takes immense passion and dedication.  Please help shine a light on my dream of creating more resilient communities. 

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