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Introduction to RV Hosting & RV Living Tips

RVs are not for everyone, but they are a vital tool for emergency housing to prevent further economic damage to the entire community from escalating housing prices which damage businesses individuals and families.

RV living is NOT a good solution if the RV user has mobility issues or cognitive impairment.  This is due to the required need for periodic maintenance to keep this unique home type habitable. (Exception: If FEMA or someone else reliably maintains the units for impaired people.)

For able bodied people, this is a great experience to learn how to fix different home systems, learn how much resources you use for daily living, and in general, learn to become more skilled and resourceful.   The major differences with traditional homes is that RVs have built-in utility management options and lightweight construction.  If you have any illusion that this is like living in a regular house, please let me burst your bubble now. =) This is a skill building experience in resiliency and compact living!

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