• Town of Paradise FB (Council updates on Thursdays) Web (Council meetings bi-monthly usually)
  • Town of Magalia FB
  • Make it Paradise (Govt Rebuilding Plans) FBWeb
  • Camp Fire Zone Project (Community Service) FB / Web
  • ActionNews, Timeless Resources
  • ActionNews, After the Fire, Community Issues
  • ActionNews, Fire Watch & History
  • Paradise Post (Daily Newspaper) FB  / Web
  • Enterprise Record (Daily Newspaper) FB  / Web
  • Chico News & Review (Weekly Newspaper) FB / Web
  • North State Public Radio, KCHO 91.7 6:35 Thursdays  FB / Web1  / Web 2  Updates from the Town of Paradise, Butte County, Cal OES and FEMA – KCHO- Chico 91.7-FM / KFPR-Redding 88.9-FM / Oroville/Dunsmuir/Mt. Shasta 92.3-FM  / Burney 91.9-FM Chester 89.7-FM Greenville 100.9-FM / Hayfork 99.7-FM Weaverville 89.5-FM Westwood 98.3-FM
  • Rebuild Paradise (NP Org Reporting) FB

No one will have all the information you need to guide your recovery.  It’s also VERY CRITICAL to have diversity in your news resources.  (Visit this link if you need to understand why.) 

Shall I add other links?  Happy to do so. Please contact me for suggestions.


OTHER INTERESTING STUFF ~ Here is a piece of advice unrelated to RV living, that I found very helpful.  It is a legal guide to common issues after a major disaster.  It is produced by Morrison Forrester Lawyers, affectionately known to some as “MoFo lawyers”.  Hope you find this link helpful, CLICK HERE.

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Almost all content on this website is ORIGINAL research based on thousands of hours of work over the past 4 years post disaster… for FREE! Please credit accordingly, by referring back to this website.  Tips welcome, but not required and words of kindness are ALWAYS appreciated.

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