Creating RV Hosting Agreements

This page covers”Screening Suggestions for Home Hosting Applicant” and “Typical Move-in Documents”.

These are suggestions to help you through a typical process. You can find forms on Google or from your local real estate agent.

Screening Suggestions for Home Hosting Applicant

  1. When you have found one or more suitable matches for the property, complete rental application. – There are many forms you can find on Google for this. I made this one for disasters you can use if you want.
  2. Along with a completed application, order or request a credit report. (Should be dated within the past 30 days) Bad credit won’t necessarily mean rejection for housing, as long as relations with your prior landlord were good. See if needed.
  3. After receiving your application and credit history, the asset owner will verify the application. With the information provided, it is up to the asset owner to take the next steps to create an agreement.
  4. Acquire a copy of applicant’s driver’s license for each household member.
  5. Once a match is completed, the process begins to create agreements between the parties and file a temporary dwelling permit for the RV. In some cases with no utility issues, it can be issued the same week. On burned properties it can take a couple weeks to complete. Theoretically in a perfect world, getting a temporary dwelling permit is the first step in the process, but it rarely works that way.

Typical Move-In Documents

  • Month-to-Month or a Lease Agreement- Typical tenancy agreements are for land and home owners only. Not for use with RV loan agreements! It is also recommended that property owners update their homeowner’s policy and request your RV tenant to have renters insurance.
  • Receipt and Holding Deposit Agreement

For general land lord guidance I found the NOLO Press Land Lord Guide . Please be aware that if you loan an RV you could have some financial exposure. Consult your insurance agent for more details.

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