The HotBoxDesignChallenge

This presentation will be provided at the Tiny Footprint Expo on Sunday, October 13th at 11am in the Sustainability Expo Tent.



Kimberly Carr – Moderator will present the opportunity for improvement for emergency housing by using tiny homes for emergency dwellings and converting to accessory structures, on the condition the primary home is rebuilt.

Robin Butler – Panelist will present an innovative approach to tiny home certification and labeling on electric panels.

Maggie Kirk – Panelist will present her experience as a passive home expert which emphasises first improving solar orientation and insulation BEFORE optimizing the mechanical components such as solar energy capacity.

Alicia Daniels Uhlig – Panelist will present her experience as an architect with a focus on creating healthy indoor air quality by leveraging the red list on material choices.

JJ Galvin, Panelist will present his experience as a winner of a prior tiny home build challenge with a focus on the mechanical aspects to optimize building performance.


Kimberly Carr is the founder of and chief instigator of the proposal.  Kimberly intimately understands the need to optimize resources after disaster hits because she is a fire survivor who almost died in her own loss.  She acquired a deep passion for improvement of disaster outcomes and has 4 years of frontline firestorm experience.  Kimberly believes well built-tiny homes can be an opportunity to assist the under-insured homeowner, while optimizing the remaining housing supply and pricing for surrounding residents, government and local businesses to weather the economic recovery together.  She believes that to change policy requires proving the quality of the tiny home builds is beyond typical RV standards and can even be close to net zero energy.
Robin Butler is the president & CEO of NOAH, a trade association for alternative housing doing third party inspections for tiny houses. He is co-chair of International Code Council, a subgroup working to recognize Best Practices and Innovation in Code Administration. As founder of NOAH Certified, Robin, brings over 40+ years of experience as a builder and developer in residential construction.  His experience working with building, planning and inspection professionals provides a deep body of knowledge for the building process.
Margaret Kirk (AIA, CPHC) is an award-winning architect educated in New York and Florence, Italy. Her portfolio ranges from small exhibitions to large eco-resorts, high-end to affordable housing.  She has experience in domestic and international projects from renowned institutions, government agencies, and development companies to celebrity clients. She is a current architecture faculty member at Cal Poly and has taught at the Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She owns an architectural consultancy, Studio341b and is a Passive House Institute Certified Passive House Consultant.
Alicia Daniels Uhlig (NCARB, LEED Fellow) is an architect and sustainability advocate with 20 years of experience. It was with a sense of urgency to transform our built environment that she left traditional architecture practice in 2016 and joined the International Living Future Institute as the Living Community Challenge + Policy Director. Her increasing resolve for action has led her to seek a greater impact through the direct mentoring/education of students. Prior to joining Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s architecture faculty, Alicia’s architectural career spanned continents: Van der Ryn Architects in California; USVI; Matera, Italy; and Seattle-based GGLO, as Principal + Director of Sustainability.
JJ Galvin graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017.  While there, he was the project manager of SCU’s rEvolve Tiny House project, the first place winner in the 2016 SMUD Tiny House competition. In addition to project management, he worked on the design of the HVAC and solar tracking systems of the house. JJ now works as a project engineer for ACCO Engineered Systems out of San Francisco, designing and managing large scale HVAC projects.

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