CV Update April 19, 2020

Welcome to the next update. I find making a commitment to sharing with you what I learn helps me be disciplined in keeping current. I’m very involved in a volunteer COVID relief effort and don’t have time to watch the news every day. Maybe you find the same time challenge too.

What you will find in this update is

  1. What is my favorite news source and why? (FAQ in NYT, masks, contact tracing, additional financial resources, etc)
  2. What is the most inspiring thing I saw someone do for someone else?
  3. What is the funniest COVID video, image or story I saw this week?

What is my favorite news source and why?

The New York Times – I’m really busy. I enjoy their daily briefing digest on COVID for free. (LINK) Or subscribe at $4 a month (LINK)

I learn useful information here constantly. I don’t have time to summarize this week, but the biggest question we all have is the following:

What does the year ahead look like? (ARTICLE LINK)

There will be no quick return to normal American life, but there is hope for managing the outbreak now and in the long term. Our global health reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. spoke to over 20 experts on what to expect in the coming months.

Some of their predictions:

  • The lockdowns will end haltingly. Putting safety first could mean reopening only after coronavirus cases declined for 14 days, 90 percent of contacts of infected people could be traced, infections of health care workers were eradicated, recuperation sites existed for mild cases — and many other hard-to-reach goals.
  • It is not clear whether recovery from the virus and antibodies confer immunity. If they do, or are believed to, America could be split into two classes: those protected (or thought to be) and those still vulnerable.
  • The virus can be kept in check, but only with expanded resources like widespread testing. And treatments are likely to arrive before a vaccine.
Other Helpful Reads:
  • This is a must read article. It covers answers to frequently asked questions from dealing with mortgages to health insurance. I’m pretty sure they will continue to expand answers when available. (LINK)
  • An article is on masks. Caring for them, making them and more. (LINK)
  • Massachusetts is the first state to implement a contact tracing program. Learn about how it works at this (LINK)
  • This piece of news is from our local news outlet in Butte County. If you are having trouble accessing your unemployment benefits, ask your employer if compensation is an option, under the “Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act”. Microsoft gave their employees 12 weeks paid leave under this option. (LINK) Here’s the (LINK) to the Department of Labor

What is the most inspiring thing I saw someone do for someone else?

A doctor has some interesting ideas to help increase oxygen levels for COVID patients. By sharing what hospitals are learning, it can help people self-treating too.

Here’s the back story: Obesity may be a bigger risk factor than asthma. Young adults with obesity appear to be at particular risk, even if they have no other health issues. It’s not yet known why, though doctors note that abdominal obesity can compress the diaphragm, lungs & chest capacity.

Some patients, by taking oxygen & rolling onto their sides or on their bellies, have quickly returned to normal oxygen levels. The tactic is called proning.

A doctor bought a special table for pregnant women which he found helpful for virus patients. Story here (LINK)

What is the funniest COVID video, image or story I saw this week?

For those binge watching on Netflix, check out Community. It’s a bunch of comedians riffing in a spoof about college students going no where and having fun getting there.

I really enjoy watching stuff that pulls me out of my current reality and is goofy. I pulled this skit out of Episode 3. It wasn’t written for the COVID pandemic, but it fit this context!!!

What are you watching? Would love to know. Email me or share below.

And to wrap up… the essential you need to know on this article about severe fatigue and trauma and how to cope is GRACE and COMPASSION:

At the essential core of coping and self-care during this time is simply remembering to focus on grace and self-compassion as you navigate this unprecedented time. Take a walk, take a bath, take a nap, take deep breaths, ask for help, help where you can, and know that whatever you are feeling is completely normal, and whatever you need to do to love on and care for you during this time is okay. No guilt, only grace, as we walk this uncharted territory together.

Wishing you well ~ Kimberly

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