Climate change and fire storms ARE connected (#ClimateStrike in Paradise, California)

Update:  It’s been months and you all still keep coming back.  Sorry I didn’t edit a shorter video for you, but I’m glad you are enjoying this page!

I live near Paradise, California which was deeply affected by one of the biggest fires in California history.  It’s a beautiful region, but frightening to live with the threat of another fire.

There’s no simple answer to how much energy and material resources we can consume without undermining the ecosystems on which our own lives depend, but I’m confident in saying that it’s DRAMATICALLY less that we consume today.  We need seek answers and begin with our own individual choices.


(Central message at 2 minutes. Suggestions for action at the end of the video. First half is the rally and the second half of video is the march.  Would like suggestions to improve video please.)

The positive energy radiating here was QUITE tangible.  There was a lot of love and care for each other which was very empowering.

Some local groups on the Internet (Please help me with this list):


It is really interesting how the youth respond to climate change versus the adults.  That’s why this video below got 56 million hits in 2 weeks, yet adults typically won’t view it nearly as much.

I think that’s because adults have learned to live in denial.  Probably because we fear the problem is bigger than we are.

IRONICALLY —- Denial is the VERY issue that one of the featured speakers spoke specifically about at the #ClimateStrike rally.

This artist represents the next generation. Lyrics and discussion here. 

If I was ever to artistically describe what denial looks like, this artist NAILED IT.


It’s one thing to unify.  It’s another to act.

I’m part of the problem. I’m part of the solution.

I blame corporations, as much as I blame myself.

I promise you that the only thing that will liberate you from denial is to ACT!

This is a good resource too from the documentary Living in the Future’s Past, (CLICK HERE)  This film is not about scaring people into action or invoking empathy, but rather presenting the facts about the interconnected nature of ALL things.

Humans need energy to live. Everything is energy from our food, economy and our currency, to penguins. Everything can be broken down to surpluses and deficits of energy.

This movie also delves into our basic instincts as animals, including the way we think, and why those processes contribute to the ongoing crisis related to climate change.  (Thanks Trim Tab!)

I’m looking for people offering solutions big and small.

Teach me and let me learn with you, by sharing in comments below.

‘Cause Peter’s on vacation…

Greta wants us to credit and recognize others as well.  Labeling her as the one who created this movement is doing a disservice to all who have also put their lives on the line for this.

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  1. Thanks from 350 Butte County – @ca_350
    We applied for a grant from and got it, organized and paid for the Chico Joins Global Climate Strike event, and partnered with youth-led Sunrise Movement Chico and let them lead. The co-founders of Sunrise Steven Marquardt and Casey John Parks are on 350 Butte County’s Steering Council as is Ali Meders-Knight, the Mechoopda tribe. Thank you for what you are doing!

    1. The sound manager for the event absolutely nailed it. It made doing this video much easier. This vibe was so warm and alot of great energy… so thank YOU for all the hard work to make that possible!

  2. I need suggestions to edit this video. It needs to be shorter. It will be previewed at a meeting tomorrow. We need to keep this message alive and there are plans to do that.

  3. Spectacular video. So empowering! Super appreciate that you created this.

    I’d recommend the list of Climate orgs on screen for maybe 5-6sec, now it’s a bit too fast to read them all.
    Also, CCL doesn’t do twitter, so could you put our website

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I will update with your suggestions next week. I’m waiting for feedback from Susan who was featured in the video before taking a next crack at editing.

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