Biggs, City of

465 C Street, Biggs, CA 95917

Learn more about your council members and participate in public comment at Town Hall meetings, if you wish to participate in public policy.’

Meetings occur on the second Tuesday at 6:30pm at Biggs City Planning Department located at 3016 Sixth Street, Biggs, CA  95917.


The official title of the subject code chapter is: Chapter 14.430 DISASTER RECOVERY STRUCTURES AND USES

The ordinance # 416 has been codified on January 8, 2019.  It is available for review on the City of Biggs website, or at this link. This is the printable version that they sent me.


Most projects should start with a visit to the Biggs city planning office. There you will be given advice, information, forms, and a roadmap to get what you need done.


The Planning Department is charged with activities such as creation, implementation and maintenance of the General Plan and related policy implementation. Current planning functions deal with land use, development and growth. The Planning Department is also responsible for gathering and disseminating planning information to the public, other City departments, the Planning Commission and the City Council.

This is where you will apply for a temporary dwelling permit.

3016 6th St, Biggs, CA 95917
Office hours: 9-4, M-F
Phone: (530) 868-5447


Building services for Biggs are provided by the Butte County Building Department. This site provides online permit applications, parcel look up, building codes, contact information and many other resources.


Water, sewer and garbage are “utilities,” each funded by the fees charged to customers to cover the cost of providing each of those those utility services. Costs include daily labor and supplies as well as long term capital improvements.

Many cities contract out their utility services. Biggs runs its own water and sewer systems — both operations requiring licensing and continual monitoring by certified professionals. Garbage service is contracted to Waste Management, Inc., but the service is billed to customers through the City.

The City also operates its own electric utility — serving customers within the city limits while PG&E serves those outside the city limits. For more information about these services, see the menu to the left of this page. To start or stop service, or to inquire about your utility bills, contact the City customer service office.

Counter hours: 9-4, M-F
Phone hours 8-4, M-F: (530) 868-5493

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