Who Created this Website?

Welcome to TurtleShells.org,

I created this website because I’m a disaster survivor trying to turn my experience that almost killed me into a gift,  by improving our resilience to disasters.

Thru my 15 years of recreational RV experience, my own tragic home loss and  5 years of relief work after major firestorms, I have become an expert on emergency housing.

This is the hardest thing I’ve EVER done.  I’ve given thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to this.   This has resulted in over 500 pages of documentation and thousands of images and videos.

Every person’s situation is different.  I hope I can empower people to create more comfortable situations for those who have never lived in an RV and make better financial choices in the process.

I have given so much for FREE, so I would appreciate being credited accordingly.  I haven’t replaced my own home yet, but I hope by doing this work, that I am getting closer to being home again because I’m creating a model for resiliency based on these experiences.

From one survivor to another, I hope you will appreciate my words of comfort I offer for you by (CLICKING HERE)  I hope it gives you the courage you need to heal and create your new life.

Please credit accordingly, by referring back to this website.  Tips welcome, but not required and words of kindness are ALWAYS appreciated.

Emergency housing guidance