Will you be Another Prayer for Paradise?

The lives of tens of thousands of people changed in an instant.  The journey home again is a very long one for this community, more than any other in the history of California.

Unfortunately with climate change this scale of catastrophe will be repeated.  The legacies that arise from Paradise will be many and it’s important that these legacies be a gift to the future.

Our current U.S. President clearly doesn’t share our concerns

This website is my prayer for Paradise.

I am an advocate for better housing options post-disaster.  I’m working on a resiliency model and thank the City of Chico for their support.

When we applied for an emergency dwelling permit that was protested by neighbors, we had an ACTUAL CLIMATE EMERGENCY.  Yup!  That REALLY happened!

Disaster relief is a chaotic, exhausting, messy process that takes years to recover from.

Please be Another Prayer for Paradise where ever you are in the world.  Please reduce your carbon and methane emissions.

You really don’t want to be like us, discovering first hand what it is like to recover from an event like this.

Thank you.
~ Kimberly Carr
Paradise, California
#ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture @GretaThunberg




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