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Our Angels are AWESOME!  ~ By learning together and sharing lessons, we can prevent home loss and create more resiliency in recovery.  People who help make our roll together so much better are a gift to the world. 

If you want to support this project, either named or anonymous, please

A little more about the project…

This is not a business.  This is a community service and any donation is very appreciated or please pay it forward.  You will know what’s right for you, but please know even a few dollars matters.  And there is a VERY, VERY special surprise that is planned for the top 5 donors of this website!

And you might wonder, well how can I be on this page if I choose to be anonymous?  EASY!  Your block here is your own.  Share an inspirational phrase, art, joke or a special mentioFn honoring a loved one.

My costs and time in Chico is estimated at over $2,000 and 8 months. (And another $15k+ in hard costs and 4 years after previous fires.) That’s alot to me right now.  I’ve even donated RVs in previous fires, but donating RVs is very stressful and I cannot offer that possibility at this time.

I still have not recovered from my own home loss, but I do this because disaster survivors experiences are a gift to those going thru this now.

My dream is so much bigger than this TurtleShells website! =) I’m hoping to find those SPECIAL angels (named and anonymous) that can truly make my dreams come true for the benefit of thousands.

If you are looking for a particular type of service that might be offered by a sponsor, try typing the service needed in the search bar below.  There are angels that aren’t published because they are heart angel donations, not businesses.  So please enjoy knowing that angels are all around us and some prefer to quietly empower others.

SpeedPro Imaging
Printing services for banners, cards, lawn signs and more.
In Motion Fitness
Want to be #ButteStrong ? Join this Health club in Chico, CA
Your company could be here.Your donation could be to honor someone you love.
Your inspirational quote could be here. (anonymous or not.)"Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help."
~ Anonymous

I’d be so very grateful for
your help and kind words!

After donating you can tell me if you want to offer a quote you love, a memorial to a loved one or promotion of your business.  I will add you to our angel page as soon I can.

All assistance offered will be used carefully and gratefully in fulfilling the mission and sustaining the founder of this project.

Almost all content on this website is ORIGINAL research based on thousands of hours of work over the past 4 years post disaster… for FREE!  I have alot more wisdom,but this is what I chose to offer.  Please credit accordingly, by referring back to this website, and tips or words of kindness are greatly appreciated.

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