Welcome to TurtleShells.ORG

This site was created for the people of Butte County following the massive firestorm on November 8, 2018 to help specifically with emergency housing.  We are not donating or loaning RVs like we’ve done previously.  We provide advice for you all to help make the RV experience a little easier.

There is more support work going on in the background, but nothing about it is published at this time.


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This website is provided by a fire survivor, like you.  You will find information here on how to live comfortably in RVs post disaster.  Since this is a new experience for many, we hope it makes your life a little better.

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On the bright side of life, if you have something ENTERTAINING related to your new RV lifestyle or turtles, CLICK HERE to tell me and it might be featured on this website!

I am also a fire survivor, so I understand your experience.  CLICK HERE to read some words of comfort for you.

My job is to bring color AND hope to your lives!

Totally sick! =) HaHa!  ~ ~ ~ Cherish your friends on this journey.  It won’t be easy…  but turns out to be the gift in ALL of this chaos on your journey HOME AGAIN!

No one resource will have all the answers you seek.  The more resources and diverse points of view, the better!  Thank you very much to those who are positive, collaborative and offer helpful feedback as this site is developed.


Emergency housing guidance